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Do you need professionals to conduct a repair on your home’s roof? Does your property require a full roof replacement? Well, look no further than Premise Property Maintenance Ltd. We offer a wide range of services, so if you’re looking for a roofer Eastleigh residents should get in touch with us today. You can find out more information by giving us a call on 023 8022 4904.

A Roofer Eastleigh that Performs a Range of Roofing Services

The structural integrity of a roof is incredibly important, but it can be compromised if there is any form of damage. Plenty of homeowners forget about the maintenance of their roofs, but to ensure that you have a long-lasting structure, get in touch with our roofer Eastleigh. Our professionals can perform a range of roofing services for both domestic and commercial customers.

There are common problems that roofs encounter, such as storm damage, and if deterioration occurs, then it could lead to damp. Our roofer Eastleigh clients, is well versed in every aspect and they will only use the best materials available should a repair be required. Feel free to get in touch to ask our team any questions you may have regarding our roofing services.

Here at Premise Property Maintenance Ltd, we regularly strike up contracts with landlords and commercial property owners. Our Eastleigh roofer has experience in completing projects for medical centres, nursing homes, and housing associations. So, if you have an extensive roofing project for multiple buildings, we have the team that can handle it.

If you require the assistance of a roofer Eastleigh, then you should know that they can carry out an array of services. These include general roofing repairs for flat and pitched roofs, as well as guttering replacements and repointing ridge/hip tiles. Moreover, we can do full roof replacements and lead works.

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Roofer Eastleigh

Every Property Maintenance Service Under One Roof

Are you planning a full refurbishment of your home? Well, if so, then you will need a whole host of projects completed. Many of us contact multiple companies that specialise in specific home improvements. However, rather than pay for a service from an independent plumbing company and another from a roofing company, turn to Premise Property Maintenance Ltd as we have everything – a plumber and a roofer, Eastleigh clients!

So, if an Eastleigh roofer is what you’re after, look no further! Keep in mind, though, that we have a team of professionals that are versed in all aspects of home improvements. For example, you should come to us if you require help with any of the following:

Whether you need a plumber or roofing contractor, Premise Property Maintenance Ltd have all the tradesmen you need for your property maintenance. Call 023 8022 4904

Why Come to Us for a Roofer Eastleigh Customers?

Here at Premise Property Maintenance Ltd, we have amassed more than 30 years of experience in the industry. We spotted a gap in the market, which is why we gathered the most experienced and qualified tradesmen from an array of professions. From electricians and engineers to an expert decorator and a roofer in Eastleigh, we have it all!

To give you peace of mind, you should know that every single one of our professionals are licensed, certified, and DBS checked. Not only that, but if you hire our roofer, Eastleigh clients, you will be enlisting the services of one that works for a Safecontractor approved company.

In addition to that, we here at Premise Property Maintenance Ltd are Gas Safe registered and members of the Federation of Small Businesses. As you can see, we have the backing of industry bodies, so you can trust us to do a stellar job. Our roofer, Eastleigh clients, will complete any project you request to the highest standard possible.

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For more information about our services or to request help from our roofer, Eastleigh clients can get in touch by calling 023 8022 4904. Alternatively, send an email to or contact us by filling in our online form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.