Boiler Repair Southampton

Are breakdowns swamping your property in repairs? Then look no further than Premise Property Maintenance Ltd. We cover everything from emergency plumbing and bathroom refurbishments, to electrical services and boiler repair Southampton residents can rest assured that their property is in safe hands when our tradesmen are on call. Get in touch now by calling us on 02380 224904

The Importance of Servicing and Boiler Repair Southampton

Whilst it isn’t always possible to predict when damage may occur, it remains important to service your boiler regularly. This helps prevent severe damage further down the line, and to avoid costly boiler repair Southampton residents can call Premise Property Maintenance Ltd today and help themselves prevent boiler issues that may be about to surface.

There are, in fact, a number of reasons to have your boiler serviced. Such reasons consist of:

  • To spot and prevent any future problems
  • Keep your boiler within warranty if relatively new
  • Catch damage early to avoid higher repair costs later
  • Make sure that your boiler is currently at its most efficient

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We take our servicing jobs very seriously as we understand how costly a boiler repair in Southampton can be. With this in mind, we want to keep our customers ahead of any damage that may be brewing and make sure that your boiler is currently at its most efficient. Not only does this work out more cost effective in terms of avoiding repair fees, but also in regards to maximising your boiler’s potential.

Should the worst happen and you require a replacement, our Southampton boiler repair team will be able to get you up and running again as soon as possible with our installation service.

Unexpected breakdowns are always a pain, especially when they happen in the middle of the night. However, if you ever do need that dreaded boiler repair Southampton residents can call us anytime as we are available 24/7. We understand that you may not always be prepared, so you can relax knowing that we at Premise Property Maintenance Ltd are.

Always Here For You, Whether it’s One Property or Ten

When renting out properties to tenants, it’s important that problems are dealt with quickly and efficiently to ensure the comfort of those living there. Whilst many landlords are perfectly capable of handling certain issues on their own, some problems require experts, such as severe plumbing issues or boiler repair Southampton landlords have benefitted from our swift and efficient services for years thanks to our cooperation and cost-effectiveness.

Maintenance troubles are also a huge problem when it’s your own home, especially for those with families for whom basic commodities such as running electricity and hot water are a necessity. With it not always being possible to do it yourself, those who need services, such as boiler repair Southampton, will never have one of our repairmen too far away.

Southampton Boiler Repair That You Can Trust

We have always strived to provide customers with a service we can be proud of, as it can often feel unsettling having a stranger work on your home. This is why we ensure that all of our tradesmen will treat your home the same way they’d treat their own, whether it’s a bathroom refurbishment or a boiler repair. Southampton is our centre of operations, but we are happy to extend our services to the nearby surrounding areas should people need them.

Premise Property Maintenance Ltd takes pride in the fact that we have such a range of tradesmen working for us, with their skills ranging from window replacement to boiler repair. Southampton residents require our services for a multitude of reasons, so it’s important that we have a variety of skilled workers who can respond to your every need.

We want people to trust those who work on our behalf, and because of this, we make sure that all of our tradesmen are licensed, certified and DBS checked. It’s important to us that you get the professionals you require, especially for more delicate jobs in Southampton. Boiler repair is an example of one such job where we like to make sure you’re getting a professional.

Our Image Gallery

Would you be interested in seeing some images of the work our Southampton team has carried out in the past? As the saying goes, a picture says more than a thousand words, which is why our contractors always take numerous photographs at the sites they are working at.

These can be viewed in the virtual portfolio on our easily navigable website. We are confident that seeing the quality of our work first hand will give you even more inspiration for your own project as the capabilities of our Southampton team are truly second to none.

Our Customers Say

“Andy was a pleasure to deal with and his team were all prompt, professional and polite. I engaged Premise Property Maintenance to strip, plaster, decorate, change lighting and add additional electrical sockets in my dining room, so that I could set up a home office and studio. I am very pleased with the result – this has transformed a dark and dated room into a really sharp bright and modern environment. The quality of finish achieved was spot on, in particular Peter Jackson’s work on the plaster and decoration was first class. I will use Premise Property Maintenance again and will recommend them to friends.”

– Robin Moore, Customer Testimonial

Here at Premise Property Maintenance, we welcome customer feedback. The comment quoted above is only one of the numerous positive testimonials that we have received over the years. You will be able to read through more reviews on our website. As a customer service focused company, we are delighted by the fact that we receive a lot of work through recommendations by our former customers who were beyond happy with how we improved their properties.

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With all this in mind, start looking after your property the right way and use Premise Property Maintenances Ltd’s services today. Our skilled tradesman will be your best bet and offer the most efficient electrical services and boiler repair Southampton has to offer. Give us a call today on 02380 224904.